Application Development

Under the direction of a Technical Product Manager, your software product is built by a dedicated, onstaff development team utilizing the UX Blueprint. Your product support team prepares the production environment for the software release and your application acceptance team tests and accepts the code. All work is completed onshore, in our New York metro office.

Key Elements Include:

  • Proof of Concepts: Testing key functions, requirements or technical challenges before they are included in a design or specification.
  • Technical Specification: A development team's instruction manual that clearly articulates and defines exactly how each piece of functionality should work.
  • Software Architecture: With UX blueprints and technical specification in hand, a software architect specialist creates the overall system architecture, domain model and data schema.
  • Application Development: The App Dev team creates the application's components / modules and unit tests them using technologies that work best for your project.
  • Quality Assurance: Working with the product owners our dedicated testing team will test all use cases, coordinate issue remediation, and assist in acceptance testing.
  • Deployment: The product support team prepares the application's production environment and coordinates deployments.

Our Services

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