About Us

In 2001, Chad Pugsley founded Fusionapps with a vision to create a different type of software development and management company that is focused on innovation, free thought and a hunger for learning. Throughout the years, Fusionapps has recruited some of the best talent from the world's largest IT consulting firms to help foster that vision and fine-tune its proprietary software product methodology. Today, Fusionapps works closely with enterprises and startups, creating and breathing new life into its clients software-based business solutions.

Here, in our modern, high-tech office space, located just minutes outside of New York City, employees rarely wear suits or conduct long-winded, closed-door meetings. Our dress code is casual, our surroundings are stylish, soda and coffee flow freely, and our minds are constantly buzzing with new ideas. Everyone here loves what they do.

We never forget the important lessons we learned at those large IT firms; those lessons constantly remind us why we strive to provide better, more cost-effective solutions for you, our customer. If you're in the neighborhood, you should definitely stop by for a visit, but not without a Nerf gun—we have been known to start impromptu Nerf gun battles.

Fusionapps Design Department

Our UX Designers don't like it when we hide their MacBook Pros, which is why they now carry weapons behind their ears.

Fusionapps Development

Yes those are stadium lights in our development room. No you can't have them.

Visioning Rooms

We keep the visioning rooms well-ventilated so that no one has to endure the effects of dry-erase marker fumes.

Fusionapps Conference Room

In our conference room, the chairs are as comfortable as the conversation is lively.

Fusionapps Data Center

When a Fusionapps employee forgets to refill the fridge, we send him or her to the time-out chamber: our Equinix data center.

Fusionapps Nerf War

Bring your own Nerf gun — everyone must fend for him or herself within these walls.

Stocked Pepsi at Fusionapps

Everyone at Fusionapps is fueled by a passion for what they do — and lots of caffeine.

Fusionapps Kitchen

Iron Chef Fusionapps is when we take everything out of the fridge and concoct a new dish. Would you like to judge our next competition?

Contact Information

160 Pehle Ave
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663