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Build Software Like You’re Fleeing A Desert Island

Imagine that you are the captain of a large commercial airliner that has crashed on a desert island. There are 200 survivors, which are going to die if you don’t get them off the island.03/21/2012 | Chris Gieger

Simultaneous Photos of Google Street View Car Photographing Bystander while Bystander Photographs Google.

Every once in a while we like to post a funny or odd story that we come across...and this one fits that bill.02/10/2012 | Fusionapps

Groundhog Day: Innovating Your Product Isn't The Only Change You Need To Keep Up With

Learning to adapt to your environment and conditions in the lifespan of your startup will drastically determine the fate of your company.12/15/2011 | Fusionapps

UX Blog

Google Trends Shows Dramatic Increase in "UX" Search Terms

I discovered a very dramatic upward trend in the amount of "ux design" searches and "User experience design" topics since 2004.05/17/2017 | Chris Gieger

Why You Need a UX Team (Part 7)

When you hire a UX Team, you don't just get a team of great designers, you get all their collective experiences designing tons of other software products.05/16/2017 | Chris Gieger

What is a Hybrid App and When Should You Choose it?

Learn why many of the most popular apps available in app stores today, such as: Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Evernote and even the Apple App Store itself, are actually hybrids.04/07/2017 | Charraye Lemken

Visioning Blog

Jam Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker

Big Sound from a Small Package. HMDX Audio has produced one of the best compact Bluetooth portable speakers on the market.01/07/2013 | Jess Pugsley

Is Social Media Hype Overblown?

AMD social sharing increases by 3600% but did it have any impact on actual sales performance?07/10/2012 | Jess Pugsley

Startup Perspectives: Honestly, Now

Get advice from a trustworthy, online community with Honestly, Now.05/26/2011 | Jess Pugsley


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